Muse POS - Cloud POS System for Restaurant

Point of Sale

Muse POS easily allows refunding an entire order or part of an order.
Item variants
Add Item Variants with different attributes like size, color, price, unit, etc.
Sell with Gadgets as Mobile & Tablets
Reach an ideal client base with products they search for, using handheld devices with Android/iOS mobile & tablet devices.
Item Modifiers
Twist up the menu with modifiers. Set up defaultand custom modifiers to streamline the ordering process.
Dark Theme
This allows a low contrast between the screen and the user's environment, which reduces the amount of undesired screen glare.
Cash management
Record your daily expenses and cash credits to get an accurate picture of your cash flow.
Work offline
Muse POS systems can function offline, store data locally, and synchronize back to the cloud once the internet connection is re-established.
Hardware supported are; POS iPad, Barcode Scanner, Customer facing display, Kitchen display, Cash drawer, Receipt printer, PCI compliant external credit card reader, etc.
Scan Barcodes
Muse POS comes with a barcode reader-- is a hand-held or stationary input device used to capture and read information contained in a bar code for the product.
Easy scanning
Muse POS barcode scanner is a simple & powerful device for inventory management. It helps with stock management, organizing, and monitoring inventory.
Open Tickets
Allows to create, edit, and save an order, before completing a sale. This feature is tailored for Retail merchants and restaurants. Open tickets' helps businesses to work with few orders simultaneously, edit, and close them during payment.
Muse POS discount module allows Businesses to create and offer Guests discounts. Guests are encouraged to redeem the offers before the promotion expires, which stimulates sales. Discount programs are highly effective in driving revenue.
Multiple payment methods
Receive payment using convenient modes as; Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit cards, Mobile/Smartphone payment, Gift cards/discount cards, Custom Payment (Split payments, Multi tender, Partial Payments), etc.
Multiple Locations
Find all your information in one place, from your product catalog, to your inventory, customers, revenue and reporting--- Muse POS supports multiple locations of your business, with a centralized management reporting functionality.
Customer display
Customers display helps the Guest confirm the accuracy of his or her order. This is an easy way to ensure accuracy, and minimize waste by producing incorrect items. Customers enjoy this optional feature, and the customer facing display is proven to increase speed of Guest processing.
Printed or Electronic receipts
As a face-to-face merchant, you're not obligated to provide a paper receipt, so just sending electronic receipts is an acceptable arrangement. In the end, most businesses will do what's most affordable without hassling the customer too much--- here Muse POS gives the user the choice of emailed or Printed receipts, or both. Muse POS is all about the Guest experience.
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Inventory Management

Track stock of items produced out of ingredients.
Transfer Order
Send inventory from one store location to another store using Muse Transfer order.
Import items
Quickly Add/edit hundreds of items on the go using csv or other compatible spreadsheet files. (Excel Preferred)
Track Inventory
Keep track of stock consumption, save recipes and control pilferage through one platform.
Inventory count
Provide staff with up-to-the-minute counts on remaining items so you never ring in an order for something that’s out of stock.
Inventory history
Keep an eye over stock transfers between warehouse, central kitchen, and outlets.
Label printing
Muse POS allows printing of product labels directly from the Products page, as long as these products have barcodes defined for them in Inventory.
Purchase Orders
Your kitchen staff, front of the house, and management all need to be on the same page. Make sure everyone knows what every order status is, with the touch of an iPad.
Inventory valuation report
Muse Inventory Summary report helps summarize the quantity, average cost, and extended value of each of the inventory quantities and provides a total inventory valuation.
Stock Adjustment
Muse stock Adjustment helps you decrease the goods you hold in stock, you can enter manual stock adjustments. Further used to write-off damaged stock, or to adjust quantities as necessary.
Low Stock notification
Don't miss sales opportunities when an item is out of stock or running low. Get Notified with detailed inventory management reporting on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t get caught offguard about running out of essential supplies. Trigger warnings set to go off at certain inventory levels.
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Employee Management

Sales by Employees
Muse Employee sale monitoring software gives you a unique perspective of your employees’ productivity, revenue generated, daily activities and timesheets.
Access Rights
Set & decide who has what on offer. Set access rights (among modules of POS) to employee (s), manage & keep records of the outcome, precisely.
Smart management
Real-time, dynamic reports are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Explore & make wise decisions to grow your business.
Time clock
Muse POS provides reports that lets businesses monitor each employee’s worked hours, overtime, double-time. This helps in learning staff productivity and deciding payroll.
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Sales Analytics

Sales trends
Learn how sales are heading with a comparative glance from the past day, week, month.
Popular Items
Report on sales by product, brand, supplier help managers on identifying trends and making the best decisions.
Manage store operators with transparent information about shifts, such as Total Cash Adjustments In & Out, Total Cash Amount and Take-out.
Receipts history
History of receipts allows you to explore transactions like; sale, refunds, discounts, loyalty, etc.
Tax report
Synchronize tax settings with your platform’s settings. Taxes are calculated in Muse POS, even in Offline Mode.
Report Exports
Export data to a CSV file for further analysis or automatically send reports to your accountant.
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CRM & Loyalty Program

Customers base
Understand the number of visits made and revenue collected from your loyal guests.
Loyalty cards
Scan loyalty cards to recognize guests and help redeem rewards.
Purchase history
Collect and store customer details, order history, and engage Guests by integrating POS with CRM.
Keep record of the Guest’s notes while order placing & assist proactively with what makes the Guest happy.
Customers address
Keep the record of addresses the guest asked for order delivery and make their future order placing all smooth. Populate their address on subsequent orders.
Points reward program
Make guests feel loyal with rewards to their orders & trigger for future orders. Celebrate birthdays with free items on the Guest’s birthday.
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Restaurant & Bar Features

Predefined tickets
Scan gift/barcodes to check discounts offered and apply to the order. Very easy redemption from the Guest’s perspective.
Kitchen display system
Convey orders to staff right on their kitchen display screen, so that order could be processed and delivered quickly and error free.
Dining options
Muse dining options with faster, accurate service and easier everything – payments, online ordering, you name it–turn first-time customers into regulars.
Kitchen Printers
Once the order is received, convey to kitchen staff with the details to prepare and process the product without delaying or making mistakes.
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Credit Card payments

Cardknox (A Fidelity Payments Company)
Available in USA & Canada. Is an multichannel payment processing gateway that provides customised & secure payments solution to in-store, online and mobile, all hassle-free.
Available in USA & Canada. It provides payment solutions through three primary lines of business: Integrated Processing, Digital Wallet, and eCash Solutions with core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly.
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Muse POS solution to be integrated with Accounting, Ecommerce, Marketing and other third-party apps.
Robust APIs to Integrate Muse POS
Availability to Develop custom integration using Muse POS API’s, all with the utmost of security in place.
Gift cards
Create high-resolution plastic gift cards or brand your email and digital cards with your business logo.
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24/7 live chat support
Sell online or instantly offer online take out service and delivery to stay connected to your customers 24/7.​
Help Center
Prepared by retail experts, our step-by-step knowledge base docs and user guides are available online.

Unlock the full potential of your business with Muse POS.